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About the Lazy Tiger Wood Club

Lazy Tiger Wood Club is a collection with a total maximum supply of 5000, unique, randomly generated Tiger Humanoids adventuring on the Ethereum blockchain.

Every LTWC NFT is unique and made from over 80+ possible attributes and traits. They can have different backgrounds, skins, clothes, facial expressions, accessories, and headgear. They are all made with love, but some are rarer than others.

When you buy an LTWC NFT, you not only own a cool .JPEG, but you also get access to our great events, own the commercial rights, holder benefits, and automatically participate in our giveaways. A good reason not to just take a screenshot!

Roadmap 1.0

So many reasons to join our community early.

  • Marketing campaigns

    This is the beginning of the Lazy Tiger Wood Club. An adventure with beautiful achievable goals on our roadmap. At this stage we are one month away from our launch. Until the launch, various marketing strategies will be executed by online marketing specialists. A decent marketingbudget will accelerate this stage. We appreciate all the people who joined our community so early at this point!

  • Early pre-sale opportunity

    Through various marketing channels, we want to achieve our first 10K Discord members. To celebrate this we will pre-sale 250 OG NFTs. If you are on the whitelist, however, you will be able to mint even if the 250 limit is reached, because whitelisters are guaranteed an LTWC NFT. All funds will be used directly for effective ads and various influencer campaigns. This will give the project the attention it needs to succeed. Minting these OGs comes with good benefits, such as a cheaper price than the launch price. You can read more about this in our Discord server.

  • Ready to take off

    2,000 community members will have the opportunity to get whitelisted, and thousands of members will be ready for the official launch. The launch date will be on January 7, 2022. A few days before launch, it will be announced what the mint price will be. This will be slightly more than the early pre-sale price.

  • Holder benefits kick in

    2-4 weeks after we minted out, we add a portion to the investment fund that our holders can profit from. Holders also get access to an exclusive web portal with NFT spotting tips and exclusive content for holders. From now on, our holders can make passive income from their NFTs.

  • Whelp airdrop and token

    After our holders make passive income with their LTWC NFTs, we will airdrop whelp (small tiger) NFTs to holders of the LTWC NFT. These are exclusive to the holders and can be sold on NFT marketplaces. Next to the whelps, holders will also be airdropped meat token, which can be used for technology we will develop to make it easier to start an NFT project yourself. Holders will also be able to test out and make suggestions to projects we will do in the future.

  • Long term community

    We want the Lazy Tiger Wood Club community to last forever. That's why we will do everything in our power to make the NFTs you minted from us more valuable. This is good for the community, because they can profit from a good investment, but it's also good for us, the LTWC team, because we will build trust with our community and keep that trust, which will help us in all the projects we do in the future. We will keep growing this together, forever!

Roadmap 2.0

Not all of our efforts went as planned. Because of a changing in the team and many
discussions, we had to revise our roadmap. That’s why, roadmap 2.0 is here!



The LTWC project was the very first NFT project of the founders. We made many mistakes and bad investments, but still managed to sell over 1500 of our NFTs. This cannot be considered a success, though, because the plan was to sell 10k! Because of this ‘failure’ we had to revise our roadmap. We never wanted it to be a scam, we made some major miscalculations, and we take full responsibility for that. The first step of the roadmap 2.0 is rethinking what we can do for the people that took the risk of investing in rookie NFT founders like us.


NFT spotter 2.0

The NFT spotter service still stands, and we already posted a project there. We’re going to post projects that we think are very cool and have high potential in an exclusive holder discord chat on a weekly basis. We’re also discussing all the projects in the holder chat, and will create a ticket system where holders of LTWC can make suggestions for projects. This way, we can use the power of the crowd to improve our choices.

If you recommend a good NFT for the community, and it turned out successful, you can get one or a couple of them for free, from us. We’ll also do our best to get whitelist spots for our community members in the form of giveaways.



At this point, we want to reconnect with the community and want to make the chat community driven. One of the founders wants to be active in the community again and find out what the holders want. We want to build back the trust and see what we can do to achieve this.

Before we do anything else, we have to build back trust with our community. 



We want to evaluate all the ideas for the project and see what can be done moving forward.



To provide more value to the LTWC community, we want to introduce education as a piece of our service for the holders who are interested in that. In this part of the roadmap, we want to let you know what we learned from LTWC and some of the pitfalls we encountered.

We’ll also create some comprehensive tutorials on smart contracts and will show you the technical side of setting up an NFT project. If you have any questions or need help with any of these hurdles, we’re able to personally help you with that as well.


New project

As planned, we would release the baby tigers. Because we didn’t sell out, it wouldn’t make sense to just drop these as any other NFT project. That’s why we want to make this project community driven. The LTWC holders will all be able to part take in the project, and earn their fair share in profits. All of this will be done via an immutable smart contract. For every LTWC you hold, you get a percentage of the new project. People that want to join staff also get a weekly payout for this. The utilities and features of the project will all be discussed with the holders of LTWC. This will be a replacement for the passive income, because we couldn’t make this a reality with our project not selling out and a falling out of the team.

Of course, all LTWC holders that have 2 tigers still get a free baby tiger. We only want to launch this collection if we’re certain we got everything in order this time around, and are certain we will sell out and built back trust with the community. 

Meet the LTWC team


Sammy Boy

Project manager, Marketing specialist







Support staff, marketing specialist, Discord pro


Support, Discord pro

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know? View our most frequently asked questions.


We have had several presales. The official launch date is on January 28th at 8 PM UTC.


The mint price will be 0.08 Ethereum. Sale is on January 28th.


The whitelist is already full!


A Lazy Tiger can only be minted through our website: until minting is complete. After that, you can purchase one on Opensea.


Yes, every tiger has it’s own unique rarity.


You will be able to mint a maximum of 10 LTWC NFTs per wallet.


There are 5,000 LTWC NFTs

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